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thank you very much for this guest post. Disability is seldom considered in these discussions about prestige bias.

I wanted to underscore the point that the lack of disabled faculty at "elite" institutions, including the lack of disabled philosophers at these institutions, affects disabled students in a multitude of ways and also means that these institutions reproduce oppressive ideas, stereotypes, and beliefs about disability.

I wrote an earlier blogpost about the attempts by disabled students at Yale to get their administration to address issues of inaccessibility on that campus, as well as the lack of disabled faculty at Yale, and the need for courses in critical disability studies.

You will find the earlier post at the link below:


thank you for this, i look forward to reading the article. i never really knew what class i was in until i began studies at my phd institution in the U.S. articles/posts like this help me process that and subsequent realizations. take care.

Arguedas Gabriela

Helen, this is a great commentary. Would you give me permission to translate it into Spanish? My email is Thanks!

Helen De Cruz

It is OK to translate it in Spanish - please do mention the original source and please also provide a link to it. Many thanks

Alan  White

Helen, that graphic by itself is very powerful! Thank you for this work.

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