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Thomas, this blog of course is most frequently concerned with matters of blame rather than praise, but your diligence as administrator ought to be duly noted as the main reason that Flickers is a major blog in philosophy. Thank you for your hard work; I've described it more privately (as you know) as acting in the role of a conference organizer, but with a conference that never ends. Whatever personal rewards you feel about all this, please let me embarrass you a bit publicly to say that you are tremendously appreciated by all of us here at Flickers.

That's very kind, Alan. As I have said many times, it is a real treat to be part of the network of philosophers and psychologists who work on free will, responsibility, and related issues. Keeping this blog up and running is the least I can do to pay back the cosmos for having enabled me to find such an engaged and inviting community of like-minded researchers. I just wish more of the contributors would participate in the comment threads from time to time. Of course, I don't set aside as much time to participate as I should! So, I don't want to throw any stones from the glass house I call home!

Consider this a second. Thanks Thomas for all your work maintaining and running this blog. The main problem with the blog is that it is too interesting. I'd get nothing done at all if I followed it as closely as it merits.

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