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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


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First, Helio Gracie did not invent leverage. I think nature and science did that part. But in seriousness, it was Jigoro Kano who placed an emphasis on leverage so that a smaller man could throw a big man. Therefore, using leverage was already in judo therefore if judo came before BJJ, how could have Helio invented something that was already there?

Secondly, the Gracies often like to exaggerate the size differential of a lot of their famous matches but the Gracies are NOT small and frail people. Helio was not frail. He was a tall man. Much taller than Kimura if you look at the match on Youtube.

Royce Gracie is not a small man either. He's 6' 1".

Rener is 6' 3"! He doesn't need BJJ to fight someone off. He can just hold his arm out!

So then why didn't Royler Gracie, 5' 8" and technically better than Royce at the time of UFC 1, get into the octagon? Because he would have been at a significant disadvantage against skilled fighters at 5' 8".

Size DOES matter except when the Gracies retell their stories and make it sound like all the Gracies are tiny people fighting giants.


Let's just take one assumptions.Your assumptions of Helio's health and size as compared to other challengers is fatally flawed. You share zero proof that he was NOT thin, smaller and had some health issues. You just compare him to the size of one of his thousands of opponents. How you can try to basically make the claim you KNOW Helio was not frail and do not have health problems is just beyond reckless.

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