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John Turri

An extraordinary opportunity! This is super exciting!


Potential problem: Yale only lets you apply to one program per "term" according to it's FAQ page:

Can I apply to more than one program at the Graduate School?
No. Applications may be made to only one department or program at the Graduate School per term unless specified as one of the three combined degree programs (African American Studies, Film Studies, Renaissance Studies) currently available at the Graduate School.

(1) It is not perfectly clear what interval of time 'term' refers to.
(2) Will one program accept an unofficial application sent directly to the department since Yale only lets applicants submit official applications to 1 department?

Joshua Knobe


Good question. The answer is that you don't need to submit an application to each department separately, instead, you apply to just one department but mention in your application that you are trying to apply to the joint program. Then if that department wants to accept you, it can go to the other department and ask for permission to have you admitted to the program.

Best of luck!

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