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Q. Carey

"Just because some relatively wealthy white men (is that better?) didn't get married doesn't mean we shouldn't work to include philosophy done by non-white people, or women, or (etc)."

Since it's perfectly clear that no one ever meant to say (or even inadvertently implied) that the conclusion which you state follows from the premise that you start with (or, moreover, from any other premise), your reader has to conclude that you have no actual interest in engaging anything apart from irrelevant strawmen of your own imagination.

Audrey Yap

Sure - but the claim you quote isn't actually attributed to anyone, just given as an example of an absurd claim which the people I'm talking about wouldn't want to be committed to.

So that inevitable conclusion on the part of the reader doesn't seem that inevitable.

Shelley Tremain

Audrey, welcome to the blog and what a fantastic post with which to introduce yourself! I look forward to more great posts from you in the coming weeks!


Agree about the problem with point-scoring. With the growth of feminist and other identity politics philosophy there's been so much more of this stuff- just replying to people that they are white cis men, as though this is a point in a debate.

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