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Audrey Yap

Thanks for the update, Shelley!

Shelley Tremain

You're welcome, Audrey. Thank you for checking in. :)

V. Alan White

Shelley, this is a very valuable service to the profession and to higher ed in general--certainly an absurd side of hiring that I had never considered. Thank you.

Shelley Tremain

just to clarify: this is David Perry's work, not mine. As it happens, however, several days before the earlier article appeared, I contacted David Chalmers, one of the co-directors of the PhilPapers Foundation, and Ruth Chang, the ombudsperson of the APA about 2 job postings on PhilJobs (one of which was subsequently offered as an example in the earlier Perry article) that specified "physical requirements" in this way. The offending section of one posting on PhilJobs was removed. I also urged PhilJobs and the APA to take measures to ensure that job ads which include these "requirements" do not appear on the PhilJobs site in the future. The PhilJobs team has now put a clause about such stipulations in job ads on the page where employers acquire information about how to post their ads. When I noticed an ad of this sort on PhilJobs in late November, I conferred with a colleague about the matter. She in turn contacted the department that had placed the offending ad. The department removed the section from their ad at that time.

Shelley Tremain

I also received notification from David Chalmers last evening that a warning has been added to the blurb on Nondiscrimination at the PhilJobs site:

hi shelley -- it's online at



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