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Jesse Prinz

I just wanted to send an expression of solidarity to Damion. Every New Yorker I know has gotten locked out of an apartment, and every New Yorker I know has gone on a roof against building policies. These activities are commonplace, normal, and hardly suspicious. Being handcuffed for getting locked out is outrageous. I notice too, there is no mention of Ms. Suematsu being cuffed, and, even more disturbing are the threats, “Who do you know now who can help you?” It must have been pretty terrifying to be helpless on a roof, bound by armed officers, and told that no one can help you. That is a position of ultimate vulnerability. It sounds like Damion handled this horrific situation with tremendous courage and restraint, and it is all the more courageous to go public with this. I find it hard to believe that if I, as a white man, got locked out on my roof, I would end up in handcuffs. This strikes me as a clear case of profiling and abuse of power.


This is so appalling. I really hope Damion is OK and agree with Jesse commenting above, that Damion has been courageous speaking out publicly about this. Given not just the situation he was in on the rooftop, but also the police record of violent racism, this must have been terrifying.


Appalling! And I'm really sorry to hear that this happened to you, Damion; and I am incredibly impressed by your ability to handle this with poise and courage. I hope you prevail in court. (And ditto to everything Jesse says!)

Geoff Pynn

This is outrageous, Damion; ditto to everything said above.

John Collins

I was dismayed to read the NYT piece today, though, sadly, neither shocked nor surprised by it. In solidarity with Damion.

Julie Maybee

Damion, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I agree with what has been said above, and am also not surprised, given some of the experiences my husband has had . . .

Damion Kareem Scott

Dear All, I am very, very appreciative of these comments of support and concern. It was indeed a very frightening experience, one that sadly enough has happened to me before. Last week's assault on me by the two NYPD plainclothes officers marks the 4th time that I have been handcuffed by NYPD officers in my life and the 6th time where I have been frisked or searched by NYPD officers. I have never even been accused of a crime, much less anything ever resulting in any conviction. As a Lecturer at a college of criminal justice, I pour my heart into teaching future law enforcement officers, forensic psychologists and attorneys amongst other vocations. The idea that I, given my life experiences, my professional capacities and my awareness of NYPD procedures would fail to comply with an officer in such a situation is absurd. Not only did I produce ID immediately to verify my identity, I answered several other questions in order to de-escalate the situation. The officer proceeded to handcuff and assault me anyway, in full view of my partner, screaming, cursing and threatening the entire time. We were terrorized by those officers. I and my community will not stand for this. I will not be forced to live in fear. Thank you all again and I will keep everyone posted as best I can in terms of legal proceedings. DS

Matt Weiner

Damion, I'm sorry you had to deal with this, and I would like to add my expression of support to those above.


Good luck with the legal proceedings. I hope justice is done.

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