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Jesse Prinz

Shelley and Bryce,

This is a truly remarkable celebration of the first year of the series. What an innovative format! You have done an extraordinary job of bringing these richly textured and highly varied interviews into a single conversation. Seeing the range of issues all together also affords an opportunity to think about how they intersect, bringing both solidarity-building unity and new forms of particularity to the fore. You two have also done an admirable job of integrating many forms of discourse: continental, analytic, psychological. feminist, decolonial, etc. into fluid contact. You show the value of abandoning the kind of insularity that prevents free flow of ideas within philosophy.

For those who missed some installments, this is a great entry point, and for your loyal readers, an insightful return to some of the many highlights. More than anything, it is a reminder of just how impressive and important these interviews have been. There is a real sense here of a gravitational shift. The field will be indebted to these efforts.

Thank you both for this, and the inaugural interview. And thanks, Shelley, for the series. I hope it continues for many years to come.


Shelley Tremain

Dear Jesse,
thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful remarks about this special installment of the series and about the wider implications of the series. I am so happy that you are a part of the series and its efforts. Shelley

Christine Overall

Dear Shelley,

Thank you very much for this series, and for giving me the opportunity to participate in it. Your dialogues and all the wonderful participants in them are a cogent reminder of all the ways that

--the experience of disablement is simultaneously created and sustained, yet also rendered imperceptible;
--the experience of disablement is vastly heterogeneous, yet is misused reductively, to see individuals only in terms of their departure from "normal";
--the experience of disablement is cast aside, unrecognized as a source of knowledge, yet generates both courageous resistance and bold insights.


Shelley Tremain

Dear Christine,
thank you for your eloquent expression of wisdom and appreciation. I am very happy that you are a part of the series and that you produce such wonderful work on aging and disability.

Andrea Nicki

With so much discrimination in the discipline and denial of this discrimination, it can be hard to feel proud to be a professional philosopher. This series makes me feel proud. Thanks Shelley and Bryce! Andrea


An excellent review of an excellent series - long may it continue! There's such a lot here and I haven't yet had a chance to digest it all. But just wanted to chip in to say thanks again..!

Josh St. Pierre

I wanted to thank Shelley and her interlocutors--I have already learned so much from this series! As a grad student, just *knowing* that there are disabled philosophers out there doing tremendous work in the face of ableism is enlivening. Thank you for helping foster much needed discussions Shelley!

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