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Andrea Nicki

Nice work of the CSWIP Working Group.... I was thinking more of this issue today in terms of how to make conferences more accessible for people with psychological disability. I've noticed in the past that some conference participants have strongly adverse reactions to language and phrasing in papers that invoke and reinforce psychiatric labels, such as the phrase "schizophrenic society." References to psychiatric labels can be experienced as dehumanizing and non-inclusive. Participants should be mindful that people may have had very negative experiences of psychiatry and feel that psychiatry is an oppressive enterprise.

Dale Reardon


I publish an Australian website on disability news and opinion at:

and was wondering if it might be okay to republish this article and any other relevant ones on our website, with appropriate credit and a link back of course.

It would help spread your work and gain a wider audience for you.

Hope we can work together and I am quite happy to publish other articles you may have written that aren't on your blog also.



hi Dale,

please feel free to publish this post on your website, with the appropriate attribution. The post has already been shared by a number of others on Facebook.

You are also welcome to publish any of the other posts I make here on your website. If you wish to publish posts by other contributors to the blog, you should seek their permission directly too, though I don't see any reason why they would prohibit you from doing so (with appropriate attribution), given that the posts would have already appeared in the public domain.

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