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Suze Berkhout

Great session & discussion! I just came across this piece, as follow up to the relationships between risk, personhood & citizenship, which may be of interest....



thanks so much for your comment! Is the article to which you've linked the same article by Petryna to which you referred in the session at the CPA?

Suze Berkhout

Hi Shelley - I had mentioned Petryna's earlier monograph, Biological Citizens, which is excellent. This article touches on that but expands in other interesting directions, in the context of discussing responses to refugee crises


Yes, thanks for the reminder, Suze. I remember the title of the book now. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of the article too, which I will read today!

Ladelle McWhorter

Thanks, Suze. I just read through the article you link--very interesting. It certainly does make clear the ways in which citizenship has been decoupled from biological existence and survival, and how that intensifies risk not only for those without citizenship rights but also for those with them. Can you say more about the parallels you see between it and our panel discussion?

Suze Berkhout

Hi Ladelle,
There are probably more direct parallels with Petryna's earlier work, Life Exposed: Biological Citizens After Chernobyl. In that work, Petryna is tracking the material implications and connections between political changes post-communism and 'vital' rights as citizens, deepening the discussion of biovalue and biopolitics within changing nation-states and a rise of neoliberalism in East bloc countries. I think there are connections to your discussion of personhood, but also to aspects of section 2 of your commentary.

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