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Hi Kevin,
I posted a link to some unpublished results I have that may answer some of your questions here:

I think getting at moral responsibility would be tricky since it's never clear what sense of responsibility you are eliciting from your questions. If you asked something like, "Are people sometimes morally responsible for your behavior?", I'm pretty sure you'd get very near 100% agreement, which would be even higher than the large majorities who think we have free will.


btw, welcome home from Oxford!

Just a small point: "Remember" is factive or a success verb, but "I think I remember" isn't!!

Thanks for the reminder, Eddy.

John, it was a great year, that it's also good to be back home. I thought I remembered (or maybe I really did) that remembering was factive, which is why I made the weaker claim about only thinking I remembered seeing some data on this issue. At least, that's what I think I remember was going through my head.

hi , Kevin
Recently, Shaun Nichosl has published a paper on science magzine on this topic . you can get it here :

I went and looked at Shaun's paper that you mention, but I don't see any data in it directly addressing my question. Am I missing something?

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