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Congratulations! There is some sense of desert on which this was richly deserved.

Very cool. Congratulations!



I am very glad that the NEH did not omit to give you this award... And I know desert when I see it, and you richly deserve this. It will be a really fine book.

It would be some sort of omission on my part not to recognize estimable achievement when I know about it--which would no doubt negatively reflect more on my character than anything else--and so self-reflectively by some hierarchy of value since I read this post I know I need to recognize the achievement to avoid omission on my part.

Jeez. Congratulations!

Thanks, folks. I think I've found a topic that's a rich source of humor.

Congratulations again, Randy. I'll resist the temptation to make an omissions joke though.

Very sly, Justin: an omissions joke by omission.


Congratulations, Randy!

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