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This is sad to hear. I have a review of the book which I hope to finish today. I'll send it along when it's complete.

This terrible news. For those who do not know, David Hodgson carved out a more than respectable career as a philosopher (including two OUP books) while working full time as a judge of appeal at the Supreme Court of New South Wales. That's impressive, even before you take into account the breadth of his philosophical works. I am working on a book that covers some of the same ground as David's most recent book; it is awful to think he may not be around to read it.

I am very sad to learn of this. David has been kind to me in making time to discuss my work and I have learned a great deal from his publications (including his recent book). I am not aware of anyone else who is able to span two disciplines in the way that David is able and my thoughts are with him and his family.

This is indeed sad news. In recent years, David has take part in several events at the Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence at the University of Sydney. We were always delighted by his contributions. Our thoughts, too, are with him and his family.

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