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Interesting finding wrt priming money. Here's a suggested explanation. We know already that activating the concept of choice leads to decreased support for redistributive policies (Savani et al 2011). Presumably, the manipulation makes people more likely to implicitly judge that the rich and poor have chosen their respective social positions. I'm wondering if the priming effect of money isn't the converse: in a society in which there is a pervasive ideology that money is good proxy for merit (whether through certain strands of Christianity which see material success as signs of grace or through a secularization of this view), priming with money activates concepts of merit and desert.

Nice summary, thanks. I wonder if there is any unifying thread connecting these findings. They seem consistent with the behavioural findings and are *maybe* suggestive of a self-serving emotional commitment to rationalising 'free will', at least amongst the folk. Obviously more specific evidence is required and hopefully both kinds of social psych continue to be relevant to the debate.

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