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The Beast is released!! Congrats, Manuel.

thanks! I hear it is a bigger market for parenting books than philosophy texts, so I'm hoping for some placement in the parenting section of bookstores, tricking people with the title.

Congratulations, Manuel. This is must reading for everyone interested in free will and moral responsibility. It really is a major accomplishment.

But, of course, I can't make ANY predictions about 40 years down the road...

Yes, definitely! Congratulations, Manuel! Really looking forward to reading it.

That abstract is a great hook! On my list. Congratulations Manuel "Circumstantialist" Vargas!

Thanks Dan, John, Michael, and Alan!

(And John, 40 years is too much for me to hope for. It feels like all the accomplishment I can hope for that it even made it into print!)


Remember: Moses wandered 40 years in the desert and then was super-cool. (I'm hoping that after 40 years in Riverside I'll also be super-cool--well, one can hope.)

Your book is a really important contribution to our sub-field, both for its "substantive" or "first-order" views, which are interesting and important, but also for its methodological reflections. It is almost as if our sub-field is "growing up" in philosophy (although the job market still doesn't reflect this--maybe for our grandchildren, as it were), and your book is a milestone--kind of like a Bar Mitzvah for us (or maybe a Quincenero or something--sp??)

Anyway, muchissimo Mazel Tov!

Great work Manuel. The book looks awesome. I've read parts but I look forward to reading all parts!


Congratulations Manuel!

Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to being refuted at your leisure.

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