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Great work Thomas! And thanks to all who have and who are going to participate.

The FW/agency community is really in your debt Thomas--this continues the series with a terrific lineup for the foreseeable future. Thanks so much!

Excellent job, Thomas! Thanks for putting this together and thanks to all the authors and commentators for thought provoking discussions that have been very helpful in better understanding the views you have advanced in print and the topics in general.

With that said, it would be great to have a 'Flickers of Freedom' Philosophy Conference and an accompanying volume. Maybe it takes the form of 4-5 target pieces with 3-4 people supplying commentary on each piece. These comments would likely be capped at 1500-2000 words and would be ideal for early career philosophers (like myself) working in this area to forward their views and point to reasons one should adopt or reject the view put forward by the more established author of one of the targeted essays? Just throwing it out there.

I look forward to the future cast of participants and the discussions that follow.


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