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Thomas, thanks for posting! I had 2 brief questions:

Where is the conference? And, what are the dates of the conference?

Thanks in advance.

After some snooping, it seems the conference is in Flint, Michigan. I can't, however, find the date.

I think this link is correct, and shows the dates for Oct 10 -11, 2014 at UM--Flint:

Thanks, Alan. Much appreciated!


Great comments! As a longtime reader and observer of your blog, I have to say that this was truly the most interesting and thought-provoking thread I've ever seen here! Thanks so much for having Peter Tse here and for having such a great Web site!

In the past few years I've heard a few people say that the findings of Neuroscience will eliminate the need for Philosophy. I disagree. Although this is only my layperson's perspective, it seems to me that the increased presence of Neuroscience within the "Free Will Debate" is really energizing interest in your field. It's also resulting in some VERY good Philosophy being done. It's almost like Neuroscience has led to Philosophy being given a "shot in the arm." Who would have guessed? : )

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