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This is huge, very good news. I'm sick and tired of having to check this book out from my university library over and over again. Thanks for the negotiation, Michael and Paul!

This is excellent news! That original price was so unfortunately outrageous. I will likely use this book next spring in a seminar on Strawson, along with the forthcoming Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility volume with all new essays on the 50th anniversary of "Freedom and Resentment," edited by Neal Tognazzini and me (shameful plug!). I recommend that everyone everywhere do the same.

Hey Neal and Dave, Thanks so much for the comments. Dave, that's right! The collection Paul and I have edited bring together essays on Strawson's "Freedom and Resentment" starting with the early famous essay by Ayer (1980), and then offer a selection of important papers appearing up through 2005. Bennett's paper is original, and is a reworking of his 1980 that first appeared with Ayer's. Our collection, along with the one you and Neal are editing, will offer a diverse and comprehensive set of papers on the topic that bring us up to the most contemporary work.

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