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I couldn't agree more. Well done Kevin and well done to the all the participants in the many great sessions!

Hear! Hear! Mad props to KT. It was an amazingly well-organized conference with an unbelievable number of excellent sessions. And, for those who weren't aware, this year the Pacific Division received a greater number of submissions than any other APA Meeting (in any division) has ever received. So it was a huge thing to organize the refereeing and construction of this year's program. Kudos!

I'll second that: a very rewarding conference!

Thanks Michael, Chris, Manuel, and Gunner for the kind words. One of the things that I've long valued about the Pacific is the amount of free will/MR stuff that is typically on the program. It was hard to make sure that no two sessions were clearly in competition with each other, which says something about the amount of free will/MR stuff on the program.

I also can't take all the credit for it. Manuel is correct--this year there were 844 submissions to the Pacific, up almost 200 from last year (and over 100 more than the previous record, if I remember correctly). There were about 35 people on the program committee, each of whom refereed an average of 25 or so papers--plus put together the invited sessions, including book symposia, secured commentators and chairs for their sessions, etc.... So it really was a group effort--which is good, because otherwise it wouldn't get done!

So keep it up, y'all Pacificers. And those of you from the Central and Eastern--yeah, go on continuing to be jealous!

Kevin (basically) deserves all of our gratitude. Chew on that, Vargas.

Yes, what Brandon said (on both accounts).

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