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Well, I didn't comment at all, but I lurked a lot! Very interesting stuff! Great job this month, I thought.


I, too, thought you did a great job this month. So, thanks again for agreeing to play along (and for being such a persistent, patient, and engaging discussant). Every time we have a new Featured Author, I am reminded of just how nice it is to have an online community like this one. It has always been my honor and privilege to have so many bright people working on so many interesting projects who are willing and able to spend their time sharing their ideas here on Flickers. It's always informative and illuminating to read the threads even when I happen not to participate. So, thanks again for your efforts this month.

Hi Kristin: I too just want to thank you for doing such a great job! It was a very fun month. I wish you the best of luck with your projects, and hope to see you around the philosophy world. :)

Hi Kristin, Great posts and discussions. I was out of town most of the month, so not posting much, but I read it all and found it enlightening. I think I agree with most of it too!

Yes, you did a super job.

But. Al Mele emailed me and told me that the Goddess Shmiana had set things up 2 billion years ago so that causal determinism would obtain, I would meet all (very cool) compatibilist-friendly conditions, and I would write, "Yes, you did a super job"...

I'll add my thanks and praise, Kristin. Thank you for a set of interesting topics. And praise for the stimulating and enlightening discussion. Great job.

Thanks Kristin for a great month of blogging!! I really enjoyed the wonderful discussion.

As a first-time blogger, it was a bit strange to spend an entire month wondering how things were *really* going--was that thing I just said obviously false? something everyone else already knew? plain idiotic? Who knows?! So, thanks, guys, for sending me off with these kind words! They are much appreciated.

I think it's a really great thing you've got going here, Thomas. I often look to Flickers to help me identify simmering worries and emerging trends in the free-will debate. I had always felt a little shy about jumping in, but now I think my blogging jitters are gone. Thanks again!

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