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It's almost has if free will has an incompatibilist meaning (e.g., by definition). And only significant exposure to philosophy can twist the meaning of words enough to convince people otherwise.

Note: Dennett seems to have relented and basically accepted free will skepticism and/or re-defining the term "free will," in his recent lecture.

Strange indeed...

Here's a thoughtful blog on free will by Tania Lombroso over at NPR's 13.7 Cosmos and Culture that Eddy should like:


Thanks for that NPR link. I'd say it was way above the standard of journalism on free will issues, but that would be a criminally negligent level of understatement.

I've noticed an upturn in the number of articles that are very intentional (if you'll forgive the word choice) about mentioning the work Eddy and others who have done research on Mechanistic Incompatibilism. Articles now mention that there is actually debate over whether people are intuitively compatibilist or incompatibilist. Certainly this blog had to have had SOMETHING to do with it.

Cheers, Tom, for having such great guests.

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