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Congratulations, Paul -- and Gunnar! It would be wonderful to have either as a colleague.

Thanks for the post and for the good wishes (Manuel & Joe)! I am a lazy/reluctant blogger but I am pleased to have friends and colleagues reading ‘Flickers’ know about the wonderful opportunities provided by the generous Swedish Research Council (SRC) grant that will make it possible for me to join Gunnar and others involved in the "Moral Responsibility Research Initiative" at the University of Gothenburg. We are hoping that many of you will have an opportunity, in some form or other, to participate in this project over the next ten years. The plan is to use these funds to support PhDs, Postdocs, Distinguished Visitors (junior and senior) and put on conferences and workshops. We hope that Gothenburg will quickly establish itself as a leading center of research activity in this area in Europe and beyond.

One quick question arising from the handle that Manuel has attributed/given to me ("Sentimentalist")... Should I follow LeBron's example and get this tattooed on my back? –

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