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Thanks so much Marcus for bold and provocative posts. Your stint as Guest Author shows that the Flickers' tent benefits from spreading itself as broadly as possible, and challenging conventional manners of discourse. I especially like how you attempt to unify questions of FW/MR with tough ones of philosophy of science and mind.

Well said, Alan. It's been a great month of mind stretching! Thank you, Marcus.

I agree. You've done a great job this month Marcus. It was nice that you broadened the scope of discourse to cover some new ground here on Flickers! I hope you enjoyed your stint as much as the readers of the blog!

Nice job, Marcus. You've given me a lot of food for thought.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words - it was a pleasure!

A very productive month, Arvan. Hey, did you notice that Pete Mandik and Richard Brown gave you a shout-out in their blog+podcast?

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