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Just a head's up for authors: once and a while check the spam folder. I have left comments in the past that have never seen the light of day (recently).


Thanks very much for all your efforts. I never would have guessed that Flickers would be as successful as it manifestly has been. This is due in no small measure to your innovations.
Thanks again!

Might we develop some reciprocal relationships with the other major blogs, such as Pea Soup, kind of like our relationship with leiterreports, where Brian always mentions the featured blogger for the month. Might we develop similar relationships with other blogs--we could mention what's going on at their sites in exchange for their mentioning our monthly featured author. I think this might be worth a shot.

Do we also regularly announce our monthly featured authors on DailyNous?


Thanks for your helpful suggestions. Leiter kindly announces the FA each month because I ask him to do so. As for PEA Soup, I suppose we could work out something, but it would be easier if the folks who contribute both here and at PEA Soup simply made announcements over there. Since I am not a member of PEA Soup, I can't make the announcements myself. I am nevertheless open to working out some kind of quid pro quo with the other blogs...but I don't presently have the time to work on developing these sorts of mutually beneficial cyber relationships. Like everyone else, I have a lot of things on my plate and I already spend more time than I should trying to increase philosophy's online footprint. I will nevertheless email the guy who runs Daily Nous next month (which is another good idea!) to see whether he's willing to make an announcement about the FA moving forward. In the meantime, if people could use social media to help me spread the word, that's probably the easiest way to alert a larger audience to what's going on here at Flickers.

It seems DailyNous is at least sometimes announcing our Featured Author.

Ok, and I'll email Eric Schwitzgebel every month and ask him to post something on The Splintered Mind. (If I don't remember, please feel free to email me and remind me.

Others should do this with bloggers they know!

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