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Hmmm... This suggests that I should advise OUP to send oxytocin out with the review copies of my books...

I read the abstract, but not the paper. Did they test for attributions of MR when praise rather than blame is implied? That *might* give a bit more information regarding the suggestion that intuitions are sensitive to (as the abstract says) 'motivational states associated with affiliation'.


The experiment actually used only acts regarded as morally wrong. Could you say a little more about what we might learn from a more detailed study of the morally good acts?

Hi Josh,
My thought was just that if oxytocin influences intuitions via affiliation related motivational states (not sure at all that should be the conclusion), then you might expect greater asymmetries than normal for praise vs. blame (higher blame, higher praise). This wouldn't help explain the effect that people blame less in indeterministic universes when on oxytocin, though.

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