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Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to hearing from Katrina Sifferd! And I hope Patricia Greenspan takes a turn soon, as well. I can't speak for others, but I'm not bothered by posing criticisms of well established philosophers. But I might be an unusual case, so we should use this opportunity to see how much such considerations influence others.

Seconding the thank-you to Sue Dwyer! Her posts were definitely enlightening.


The worries not that people have problems criticizing well established philosophers. The problem is that contributors who are non-Featured Authors at a given time don't feel comfortable posting or piloting their own ideas for fear that it will detract from the attention from the Featured Author. Given that one of the goals of the blog was to give folks a place to pilot ideas, etc., this is not a great outcome. The thought is that if we were alternating months between FA months and non-FA months, contributors could pilot ideas, post questions, etc. during the non-FA months. Of course, this is just one possible solution. There are others if this strategy doesn't work!


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