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Hear hear! It is indeed a great book and has had quite an influence on my rethinking approaches to free will. Congrats to Manuel!

To clarify, Manuel is the 9th winner, plus there have been 14 honorable mentions. One other (out of 23) is in action theory, Alva Noe's.

Congrats to Manuel! Well deserved (in the non-deep sense).

Congrats Manuel!

Congratulations, Manuel!!!!

Getting a reward like this is shot through with luck!

But it's a necessary condition of winning that it's a great book.

Well done Manuel! It is indeed a wonderfully engaging and beautifully written book. It would have been better, of course, if you defended libertarianism, but there's always your next book! Right?

Boom!! Congratulations, Manuel!

Muchissimos Mazel Tovs!

Way to go, Manuel.

Thanks everyone!! My reaction was pretty much Eddy's initial reaction, and I'm not sure I actually believe it even now. Thanks for the kinds wishes.

Hey, Congratulations, Manuel! It's a wonderful honor!

Well deserved! One of the best I've read on the topic even if, like Timpe put quite nicely in his review, the first half is a bit longer than I would have liked ;)

Cheers, Manuel! Way to set the bar for book #2. No pressure though :)

Michael and Justin: thanks so much!

And yeah, Justin, I agree that the first part was probably longer than it should have been. Partly, it was an artifact of trying to engage with too many distinct literatures in single book (part 1 on free will and methodology, part 2 on responsibility), and my sense that parts of part 2 depend on part 1. But the other defect was surely one of vanity: the relatively modest refinements to how I think about revisionism and methodology (as compared to my earlier work) is, very reasonably, of limited interest to most folks. There was probably an easier way to present that material so that folks familiar with the basic approach could just get on to the responsibility stuff. Alas, hindsight is displeasingly constant companion.

And book #2? I'm just hoping there are still book publishers when I get around to writing another book!

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