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Best wishes on your recovery, Thomas. (I don't have any suggestions on the topic, sorry. )

Hi Thomas,

I hope everything goes well with your recovery! Here are just a few quick thoughts: (1) Maybe if some of us start posting more, others will follow suit; (2) Flickers is one of my favorite blogs, primarily because of the Featured Authors series. Maybe it's not every reader's cup of tea, but I suspect there are others, such as myself, who find it one of the most enjoyable aspects of this blog. I find it fun and fascinating to have a near-constant stream of authors sharing their work.

Hi Thomas,

On the Featured Authors series: I've thoroughly enjoyed the Featured Authors series, but I can appreciate that being a featured author for a whole month can quickly start to feel like, well, work. I also appreciate other Flicker-ers being worried about stepping on toes. Maybe the featured author series can stay but with briefer commitments (e.g., one week instead of one month)?

A suggestion to the lurkers of Flickers of Freedom: I am a regular lurker but a rare commenter. Lurkers like me should, at least occasionally, come out of the shadows and participate in the conversations. I'll try to be a better community member in the future and hopefully other lurkers will follow suit.

An offer: I don't know if you are currently looking for someone to take over any of the blogs. I would be willing to help manage the x-phi blog. I am not sure if I could do full time right now. We could work together on managing it ... or if someone else was willing to work with me, maybe a small team of us could completely take over the managing of the x-phi blog.

Hi Thomas. Best of luck on a speedy and successful recovery.

I'd like to second some of the things Marcus said. Flickers is my favorite blog and the featured author series is a big part of why that is. An every other month scenario might be the best of both worlds? Anyway, featured authors aside, I'll be sure to post more in 2016 to help while you recuperate.

Re: the criticisms of inclusiveness. Well, they don't seem accurate to me. I counted about a third to be women and about 30% to be untenured or "junior" at the time of their stint. That's pretty good to me. This is the best blog running and I hope a few more folks step up while you are recovering to keep the momentum up in 2016. Thanks for doing a stand up job, Thomas! And thanks again for allowing me to be the featured author this time last year. It was a great experience and a ton of fun.

Hope you are recovering well. This has been a slow month for Flickers, and of course a very busy month for many of us who love the Flickers blog. To me, it is the one absolutely essential blog; while I often get behind in posting, it is a rare day when I don't check out what was posted here. You have done a heroic job in making this work, and I am certain there are many people in our community who believe as I do that we must do everything possible to keep the blog operating at a very high level. Here's one suggestion: What if you appointed a group to select an article (perhaps monthly) to be the focus of discussion? Could be something very recently published, a classic, or perhaps an article of a few years ago that has not been widely noticed but raises important questions; or perhaps a book chapter. Then other "Flickers" could suggest article candidates, and your "committee" could decide among them. The author of the article would probably have to give approval, but responding to comments would not be as demanding a task as being a featured author, suggesting discussion topics. (Could appoint new "committees" every six months or so, to keep the task from being a lifetime commitment.) In any case, hope you are doing well, and profound thanks for your wonderful work on this blog (and by the way, people who reject moral responsibility CAN be deeply grateful while remaining true to their anti-MR principles).

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