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Great, Thomas! Let the lifeblood (re)flow. To clarify, do you want to set it up so the featured author posts during a week (presumably 1-? posts) and then there is a gap of roughly 3 weeks before another FA comes along, during which time people can continue the conversations about FA's posts but also post other things? If so, that sounds great (better than having FAs overlap too much).

If you haven't asked them yet, and just random names coming to mind, you might ask Oisin Deery, Jason Turner, Suzy Killmester (just read her Woody Allen paper in Nous), Nomy Arpaly, Mark Balaguer, Bob Kane!

People to consider: Stephen Mumford and Rani Anjum (they've recently done some interesting work extending their work on the ontology of powers and the metaphysics of causation to free agency), Rowland Stout (a great philosopher of action whose work is, unfortunately, overlooked all too often), Santiago Amaya (a junior scholar whose work on slips is fantastic), Michael Brent (another junior scholar--one of the few defenders of a straightforward agent-causal theory of action who is not motivated by concerns about free agency), and Maria Alvarez (another philosopher of action whose work is always provocative).

This is terrific news Thomas! As I just said on a thread about the best means of involvement in philosophy over at DN, I mentioned how much this blog has meant to me personally and professionally--allowing me to stay in touch with the work of great people (and actually meeting some of them) and stimulating my interests in ways not possible for an isolated researcher like me otherwise. I've said it before--I'll say it again--thanks from the bottom of my heart for such a terrific resource, and to all those who contribute here. The strong lineup in the OP will no doubt draw even more well-deserved interest in and attention to Flickers.

I would love to see any one of the following: Raymond Tallis, Peter Tse, Julian Baggini, Patrick Haggard, Gary Gutting, Thomas Nagel, Alfred Mele, Adina Roskies, Michael Gazzaniga, or Antonio Damasio

I'm happy to see that the Featured Authors series is being resurrected. Other people that it would be great to have as FAs: Susan Wolf, Agnes Callard, Valerie Tiberius, Constantine Sandis, John Doris.

I would like to suggest another person for featured author: William Klemm. Thomas, Eddy and others, check out Professor Klemm's upcoming book on Free Will! This looks like a really good read, and he also comes to the debate from the perspective of a neuroscientist.

Making a Scientific Case for Conscious Agency and Free Will (article about new book)

Amazon link to new book (can preview it here!)

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