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Welcome to The Grumpy Grappler!

Greetings and welcome to The Grumpy Grappler! My name is Thomas Nadelhoffer. By day, I am an academic philosopher (see here for details). The rest of the time, I am a full-time grappling nerd. I received my purple belt from Grand Master Relson Gracie. More recently, I trained under Scott Devine (a 3rd degree black belt and the first person to go from white belt to black belt under Relson). These days, I am on the path of the Ronin (at least for the time being). As someone who grew up in a wrestling family—my dad was a coach when I was a kid and my younger brother still coaches today in the DC area—I have always had a love for the grappling arts. But it wasn’t until much later in life that I started learning about the various forms of submission grappling that have become my current passion (and occasional obsession). This blog is a way of sharing my own personal grappling journey with the good people of the interwebs! I also have some guest bloggers who will hopefully be adding some interesting content and perspectives from time to time.



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Josh Burgess

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Josh Burgess

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John Panzella

Hi Thomas, I wanted to thank you again for making an awesome impact in the early part of my BJJ journey in only 2 classes. You’re an excellent instructor. It makes sense how deeply you comprehend and teach BJJ since you’re a real philosopher. All that to say, I gained much from you in a very short period of time.

Bill Dillard

Hey Tom,

Can you shoot me an email?

Harry Green

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Hey Thomas, you have a really nice Jiu-jitsu blog. I write BJJ articles relating to many aspects including philosophy and more. I was wondering if you'd be interested in collaborating and creating some awesome content for both our viewers. I'd be happy to link this website and I am open to any ideas you might have. Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing your response.

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