Wrist Locks of the Week (Day 2) with Megaton Dias
Chicken Wing to Wrist Lock (Day Four)

Arm Trap to Wrist Lock from Closed Guard (Day Three)

When I first saw this video a while back, I used it with great success until everyone in the gym became saavy to the set up. It's very sneaky. Indeed, it's a perfect example of what I truly love about jiu jitsu--it is a game of physical chess par excellence (as this technique highlights). In this case, the person inside the closed guard does something he shouldn't do just to get his opponent to think he has an opening to sweep. But as soon as the opponent takes the bait, he's trapped. That's the beauty of the gentle art. You're always having to think one or two steps ahead of your opponent.  So, watch, learn, and go train!



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