Arm Trap to Wrist Lock from Closed Guard (Day Three)
Wristlock from Cross Side Control (Day 5)

Chicken Wing to Wrist Lock (Day Four)

For the fourth installation of this week's wrist lock series at The Grumpy Grappler, American Top Team's Renato Tavares (a 5th degree black belt originally under Carlson Gracie) shows yet another sneaky way to set up a wrist lock. This time, he uses a overhook and chicken wing from closed guard to trap the unsuspecting opponent's wrist. This is another technique that I used with some success when I first stumbled upon this video--at least until my training partners became saavy to the set up! Just knowing this technique will give your training partners something new to think about when they're in your guard and it will also give you the opportunity to catch people in competition who might not be familiar with this particular wrist lock!  So, watch, learn, and go train!



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