Technique of the Week: Knee Shield (Day 4)
Stuart Cooper Piece on Murilo Bustamante

Technique of the Week: Knee Shield (Day 5)

While this week has been dedicated to the knee shield guard--with three days focusing on how to use the knee shield offensively and one day focusing on how to get around it--I thought today would be an opportune time to highlight something I have been tinkering with ever since the prodigious Keenan Cornelius posted his video a few weeks ago on the so-called "pancake guard." If you use the knee shield, one of the most common counters is for your opponent to flatten you out. Using your hooks while flattened out to keep your opponent from hopping past (on eitther side) is a basic and intuitive strategy for trying to work back to recomposing guard. Keenan suggests using this in conjunction with a very counter-intuitive yet very effective cross sleeve grip. I have only been playing around with this for a week or so, but it already seems like a really useful way to recover guard.  So, watch, learn, and go train!

pancake guard introductory lesson from keenan cornelius on Vimeo.



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