Dean Lister's Knee Bar Series (Part 1)
My Time with "The Boogeyman"

Dean Lister's Knee Bar Series (Part 2)

Yesterday, I worked with my training partner on some of the knee bar techniques from the videos by Lister that I posted.  I am excited to finally start adding these techniques to my grappling playbook! Today, I am posting three more videos for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, when I meet up with Lister tomorrow out in San Diego, he will help me fine tune some of the details I am still missing.  In the meantime, watch, learn, and go train!






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Thanks for the great videos. I have a question about training while on the road. Do you have any suggestion for the etiquette of visiting for just a class or two?

Thomas Nadelhoffer


Most places I have visited have been happy to have me. Sometimes there is a visitor's fee, sometimes not. I think it's best to email the head instructor in advance to introduce yourself. This way, he can tell his students in advance that you're coming. In my experience here at my own club, this has the virtue of reminding us to be on our best behavior with our guests. If there is a really good instructor at the gym where you're visiting, it's also nice to do a private if you have the time and funds!


Thanks for the advice, Thomas!

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