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Cyborg and the Tornado Guard

A common complaint about the new inverted guards that have been developed for sport jiu jitsu during ROBERTO_CYBORG_ABREU_2009_BJJ_Championshipsthe past several years is that they are only useful for smaller or lankier grapplers. The legendary Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu--a multi-time No-Gi World Champion and the ADCC Absolute Champion (2013)--laid this criticism to rest with the development of his tornado guard. As someone who has always wanted to add this guard to my grappling tool kit, I thought now would be a nice time to start thinking about the details. After all, if Cyborg can effectively use this guard at the highest levels of competition, I, too, should be able to incorporate it into my own game since clearly size isn't a good excuse! So, for today's post, I collected a few instructional videos of Cyborg introducing both the "old school" and the "new school" versions of his tornado guard (see below). But first, I have posted a video about Cyborg by Stuart Cooper--the best videographer in the business. So, check out both this mini-documentary and the instructional videos that follow. As always, watch, learn, and go train!






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