Deconstructing the Gracie Mythology (Part 2)
Five Sneaky Chokes

Defending Against the Leg Lasso

While I am still not very adept at using the leg lasso, several of my training partners use it regularly and effectively (I am thinking of you, Rob!). When they do, I either end up passing their guard only to end up stalemated in side control (with my trailing hand trapped in their lasso) or I end up getting swept in transition. Both outcomes are as frustrating as they are predictable. Because extricating oneself from the leg lasso requires patience and patience is a virtue I often lack, it's clear at this point that I need to adopt a more studied approach to using and avoiding the position.  Given that leg lassoing is on the instructional menu tonight at my gym, I thought today would be a good time to look into some helpful suggestions for how best to proceed.  Unfortunately, there isn't as much online video as I'd hoped. There are nevertheless several helpful instructionals--some of which I have posted below. So, as always, watch, learn, and go train!





p.s.  Here are some helpful tips from Jean Jacques Machado for maintaing the leg lasso position in the face of the techniques contained in the videos above!





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