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Defending Against and Extracting from the Leg Lasso

A few weeks ago, I posted links to some instructionals showing how to escape the dreaded leg lasso. I have been working on several of the set ups and techniques with varying degrees of success. It's definitely a hard faught battle once your opponent gets you trapped in the position. The key, as always, is to avoid the position in the first place! So, I was pleased to see the video below that was recently posted by BJJ Valut with instructional on defending and extracting from the leg lasso by Brad Jackson and Sean Roberts.

Seeing this helpful video also prompted me to scour the interwebs again to see whether I could find any additional material on the leg lasso.  Luckily, I found a few more items to share.  The first is a smash pash by Rafael Lavato Jr. which goes over both how to keep out of the leg lasso and how to defend against and pass it once you're stuck.  Finally, there is a nice video by the always entertaining Ricardo Cavalcanti. Hopefully, you find these techniques useful the next time you're stuck in your opponent's spider web!  So, watch, learn, and go train!





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