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Greetings to those of you who are still paying attention to this blog after my shamefully long hiatus. After a brutal semester left me drained and exhausted, it's finally time to resurrect this blog (at least for now). Hopefully, people forgive me for the disappearing act.  It will happen from time to time as I get behind when it comes to my day job as an academic philosopher (and wannabe psychologist). So, unless and until blogging about grappling counts towards tenure, I will be limited to posting here at The Grumpy Grappler in my free time (which waxes and wanes). That said, I wanted to kick off 2015 with some videos which address one of my New Year's resolutions--namely, to work harder on my flexibility and mobility. The first two videos are by legendary strength and conditioning coach (and BJJ black belt) Steve Maxwell. The next video is the first in a series by Ryan Hall. Finally, there are two videos about gynastica natural. Hopefully, as the year progresses, I will make time to work on improving my overall conditioning for BJJ! If you have any tips, videos, or suggestions to share, please don't hesitate! In the meantime, watch, learn, and go train!







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