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Thursday, March 26, 2015


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Daniel Greco

I'm a bit puzzled by the idea that there has to be a right answer here (though maybe this just makes me a progressive). For people whose main motivation in training is self-defense, training lots of inverting, guard pulling, lapel guard, etc. would be a bit silly. But for somebody more focused on exercise/sport, there's no reason not to do all that--in fact, there's reason to do it, since it works in competition. Yes, lots of sport-effective techniques won't work in the street, on concrete, with striking, etc. But I don't get in a lot of street fights--really, not any. And I do compete from time to time. So I don't see why I'm doing something wrong if I don't restrict my training to street-effective techniques.

Barry Lam

When I listen to some of the older generation Gracies talk, it sounds like fundamentally what they oppose are particular rules concerning what counts as scoring a point in competition. I'm too much a beginner on the self-defense side to know anything about competition BJJ, but in general there are legitimate criticisms in any sport that certain ways of scoring make valuable something that you do not feel should be valued in that sport. For instance, there used to be controversy in tennis over whether tie-breakers should be used (or used in a deciding set), since it can decide a match based on two consecutive points versus two consecutive games. Is there anything to this criticism for sport BJJ for those of you who compete? It sounds like Rickson is complaining about some of these rules.

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