Galvao Seminar (Part 2)
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Galvao Seminar (Part 3)

The previous two posts at TGG (see here and here) contained my admittedly incomplete and perhaps idiosyncratic notes on the recent seminar Andre Galvao gave here in Charleston. Each post contained some details on the main techniques he came prepared to show us. All started from the top turtle position when your O is in on a single leg with his head on the inside. See the earlier posts for descriptions and details. I have been having some success using the set up in practice. So, the key concept--namely, stepping over your O and hooking your leg behind his far-side arm--is well worth playing around with and adding to your game.  

Having shown us some set ups for and options from the top turtle technique du jour, Galvao asked if anyone had any questions. One of the local purple belts said he had a hard time using low passes (especially against bigger Os who tend to sweep from bottom in transition). So, Galvao showed some important details and tips for four different passing techniques.

Unlike the aforementioned top turtle technique--which I cannot find Galvao showing on Youtube--there are already some videos out there showing Galvao going over some of the passing techniques he showed during the seminar. So, rather than transcribing my notes in this post, I thought I would post a few videos followed by some observations of mine from that part of the seminar. Hopefully, you've found my attempts to share some of the information from the seminar helpful.

Several of the key ideas are contained in this video:




p.s. The most important detail for me that Galvao showed was that when you have your O's leg trapped while in top 1/2 guard and you want to step over to side control, you have to clear the hook, otherwise your O will just keep you in 1/2 guard. Galvao's suggestion that you walk on your toes (with your O's leg trapped between your legs) back towards your O's far-side before stepping over his leg is crucial. It makes the pass markedly more effective and efficient. 



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