Rehabbing a Busted Elbow
Savages Surfacing vs. Spreading the Art

A Timely Post: Elbow Locks/Cranks

As I posted yesterday, I am on the shelf for at least a month while nursing a busted elbow. Since I provided some information before concerning how to fix your elbow once it's injured, I thought it was only fitting to post some videos concerning how to injure someone's elbow with cranks/locks. Because these techniques are less common than traditional arm bars (which can dislocate the elbow and damage some tendons), they are often neglected--which I think is a mistake. So, I thought it might be a good time to post some instructionals for a variety of elbow locks from several different positions (from standing and top side control to kesa gatame). Just remember when applying these techniques that the MCL in the elbow is usually wound pretty tight, so it's easy to hurt your partner before they've had the chance to tap.  So, apply these techniques with safety and control in mind.  

That said, see below the fold for some options when it comes to elbow submissions:







Finally, here you can see Grand Master Helio Gracie showing the standing elbow crank at the 1 minute 17 second mark:


That's it for now.  Obviously, there are tons more. If you have a favorite, please post a link in the comment thread.  For my part, I am going to get back to rehabbing my elbow!  See what a good sport I am :)

p.s. Having shown some videos for how to set up and use elbow cranks, I thought I should post a video which shows a common way to injure your own elbow while trying to escape a bottom side control lock flow. In this video, you'll see the kimura, reverse arm lock, americana chain. When you are being reverse arm-locked from this position, you arm is under tremendous load.  If you are too stubborn to tap and instead try to bend your arm either forward or backward (that is, either towards the americana or to the kimura) you will potentially damage your own elbow in the transition--especially if your partner keeps the torque on your elbow (as he should)! So, be warned! Don't hurt yourself!



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