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Grappling Links!

I have a ton of instructional video I have been meaning to post, but I haven't had time to think through how to link it all together.  So, for now, I thought I would as assortment of random links to give folks some materials to read and watch while I get myself organized!  So, here you go:

  1. Here is a super slick knee bar set up by Bernardo Faria that is set up with an over-under pass I have been using a lot lately.  I love this technique!
  2. Here is a really cool rolling collar choke by Jean-Jacques Machado.  I have tried it with success this week at practice.
  3. Here is a piece at BJJEE on why you should add kettle bells to your training routine. It motivated me to do some swings and get ups this morning!
  4. Over at Ojimas they have a nice piece on 6 key habits of dedicated BJJ players.
  5. My friend Jeff Shaw has an illuminating post about four ways to improve as a purple belt.
  6. Here is a funny piece over at Jiu Jitsu Times called, "An Open Letter to Competition."
  7. The folks at Applied MMA have an informative post about how to improve your guard.
  8. The JJGF homepage has a piece about training jiu jitsu when you're a "mature athlete"--that is, an old fart like me.
  9. Pedro Valente follows the Gracies in indulging in revisionist history when it comes to the non-Gracie lineage of jiu jitsu. He should learn how to use Google search.  He would find articles like this on Fadda, Franca, and others.

Well, that's it for now.  That should keep you busy while I work on a post about three basic positions I am presently revisiting with one of my training partners--the cross collar choke from mount, the samurai choke, and the clock choke.  Stay tuned!


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