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Back to Basics: Samurai Choke from Top Side Control

Back to Basics: Cross Choke from Mount

To kick things off at the newly named The Jiu Jitsu Journey, I plan to post a series of posts about three techniques I have been working on lately with Jeff Robertson--one of my friends, training partners, and instructors (and one of Scott Devine's newest black belts). Today, the focus will be on the cross choke from mount. The next post will focus on the baseball (or samurai) choke from side control. Finally, I am going to post some instructionals for the clock choke. That said, given the focus of this post, the natural place to start is with Roger Gracie--who has mastered the cross choke from mount and used it with great success at the highest levels of competition. So, below, the first three videos are all Roger Gracie (each video contains some additional minor details that should help you use this choke effectively). Then, there is a post by Nic Gregoriades--one of Roger Gracie's black belts. Next up, a video with Relson Gracie explaining some details of Roger's choke.  Finally, a more recent video by Keenan Cornelius which contains some pretty cool details for a slightly different version of the cross choke from mount.  So, watch, learn, and go train!










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