Back to Basics: Cross Choke from Mount
Back to Basics: The Clock Choke from Top Turtle

Back to Basics: Samurai Choke from Top Side Control

The other day, I posted several videos on the cross collar choke from mount. Picking up where I left off in this so-called "back to basics" series, today I am going to post several instructionals for the samurai (or baseball) choke from top side control. This is yet another classic choke that I somehow never managed to add to my tool kit (despite the fact that I have had several training partners over the years who used the technique with great success). So, my goal in this post will be post some videos from some legends in the sport in the hopes that their collective wisdom (and all of the small details they share) will assist me in becoming more proficient at using this submission. First up, a video by the always entertaining and illuminating Draculino, followed by videos by Kurt Osiander, Andre Galvao, Shawn Williams, and Rodolfo Vieira--a veritable murderer's row of submission artists. So, watch, learn, and go train!

p.s.  I also included a video at the end by Pedro Sauer demonstrating a baseball choke counter to armbar (just for good measure)!










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Samurai brought me here, love the chokes, hope to try some in my own dojo.

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