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Back to Basics: The Loop Choke

Despite the fact that the loop choke is an effective technique--which has been used on me by my training partners countless times over the years--I have never added it to my bag of tricks. I am not sure why. Given that I usually prefer chokes to joint manipulations and given that I like grabbing my opponent's cross collar when I am in bottom open guard (which is one of the starting positions for a common version of the technique), the loop choke should be a bread and butter move for me by now. Yet, I am not sure I have ever actually tried to hit the technique a single time in a live roll.  

It's odd to stop and think about all of the good techniques one has been shown that one never picked up, practiced, and used. Since I have had the past six weeks on the sidelines to think about jiu jitsu (and all of the numerous holes in my own game), I thought it made sense to revisit the loop choke in the hopes that when I start training again, I can finally learn how to execute the technique.  

Luckily, for me and you, there are a number of great competitors and instructors who have posted tutorials on line. The following videos include versions of the loop choke taught by Jean Jacques Machado, Vitor Shaolin, Robson Moura, Kurt Osiander, Rafael Lavato Jr., Ricardo Calvancanti, and others. While a lot of the same ground is covered in these videos, each one contains an interesting detail or nugget of wisdom. Hopefully, the collective knowledge shared in these videos inspire you, too, to add the loop choke to your rotation of submissions. So, watch, learn, and go train!

Videos are below the fold!










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