What It Feels Like to Train Jiu-Jitsu with Anxiety & Panic Disorder (Goldberg)
How to Safely Train Heel Hooks and other Advanced Techniques (Rice)

Grappling Links!

Because I have work to do for my day job for the rest of the day, I thought now would be a nice time to lazily through together an installment in the Grappling Links series. Some of the links contain interesting articles, while others contain cool techniques I would like to experiment with (if only I wasn't on the shelf with a lingering elbow injury).  Hopefully, you find some of this stuff illuminating or useful (or both)!

  1. Here is a sneaky reverse americana.
  2. Here is a similarly sneaky reverse americana being called the "mexicana."
  3. As a reminder, I posted a variant of these techniques from CACC recently as well--which can be found here.
  4. Andrew Smith has treasure trove of instructionals posted on his page.
  5. White Belt BJJ has an interesting post entitled, "5 Difficult Concepts for BJJ Beginners to Grasp."
  6. Be Water, My Friend has a really nice piece entitled, "Guard Passing: Nullifying Control Elements.
  7. There is a post over at Jiu Jitsu Magazine called, "Why People Quit BJJ."
  8. If you like leg locks as much as I do, you should spend some time on the Youtube page for Eddie Cummings.  I will be posting some videos about his techniques soon.  So, go get a head's start!
  9. 2x World Champ Sebastian Brosche talks about the importance of incorporating yoga into your BJJ training here.
  10. Finally, Nic Gregoriades has a helpful piece over at his blog called, "Tips for Grappling After 30." I am especially curious what others think concerning his suggestions about supplementation, TRT, HGH, etc.

That's it for now.  Happy reading!




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