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As someone who works in both philosophy and psychology, I have often been puzzled by how little data there seem to be on jiu jitsu practitioners. This is all the more puzzling given how many hotly contested debates depend on factual claims for which there is only anecdotal (if any) support. Since I spend a lot of time in my day job running online studies, I figured it would be a piece of cake to put together a survey for jiu jitsukas. The survey has three parts: First, I collect some basic, background demographic data. Second, I collect some data concerning people's specific jiu jitsu journeys. Finally, I collect some data that pertains to people's purchasing habits when it come to gear and apparel as well as their interest (or lack thereof) in BJJ-related websites, blogs, podcasts, etc. The more people I can get to take the time to fill out this survey the better.  I can't compensate you, alas. But hopefully, you'll be willing and able to help just to satisfy your own curiosity.  For instance, haven't you ever wondered what the most frequently injuries are or how long it usually takes people to progress through the ranks? Once the traffic dies down, I will close the survey and start compiling the data--which I will publish here on The Grumpy Grappler (and on R/BJJ). So, please take the survey and please help me spread the word as well. With everyone's help, we can start relying on facts rather than intuitions when it comes to the experiences and preferences of jiu jitsukas! That said, here is the link for the survey:

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!  Thanks again! Hopefully, this fall I will run a proper scientific study on the psychology of jiu jitsukas. But first, this informal survey will have to do.

p.s. You need not answer any particular questions if you don't want to + your answers are completely anonymous. So, don't let those be reasons not to participate. The more participants the better!


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