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Thursday, June 23, 2016


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AJ Watson

I agree with what you listed here but there are other considerations I would include.
Physicality is a big part of bjj. Someone with back issues or joint problems won't be able to train as hard as someone with none of these. Does that mean they shouldn't progress to the next belt? No. Obviously we aren't allowing for excuses but we should take restrictions to movement from physical issue into account.
Yes its an obstcle and how the student overcomes that shows their character.

Age is another part of this. If someone starts at 45 they are not going to train and progress like someone starting at age 25. That doesn't make them any less skilled, just different. This is one reason why there are age categories in competition.

Mental focus is another that ties in with attitude. The ability to adjust to new situations when under pressure and how they treat adversity is huge. After losing at competition do they mope about or do they treat it as an opportunity to improve?

Attitude and focus take you further than skill and natural ability. Gradings should reflect that.

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