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Mount, S-mount, and Half Mount: In Reverse!

The Oft Neglected Backstep

When passing, there is a temptation to become narrowly focused while in top half guard on passing forward with a pressure pass, a knee slide, a staple, etc. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, one should always be open to alternative paths to passing success. One of the most basic alternative strategies--and one I have been focusing on a lot since it helps set up multiple leg locks--is the simple backstep. So, before I post some videos containing leg attacks available from the backstep position (see below), I first wanted to post some videos on the basics of the backstep more generally. Then, in the next few days, I will post a companion piece about how to use the backstep to enter the reverse mount and the half reverse mount (which gives you lots of really solid leg lock options). But first, the backstep itself (plus, some traditional knee bar entries, some drills, and some common defenses)! First up, the maestro of backstep--Marcelo Garcia. Then, some helpful videos by others concerning how to use the backstep to pass the guard, set up rolling knee bars, etc. 

Backstep Principles:


Backstep to Knee Bar:

Backstep Drills:

Defending the Backstep:



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