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Reverse Mount + Reverse 1/2 Mount Revisited

Attack the Back!

This Friday I will be filling in for our head instructor. For the past few weeks, he has been working on taking the back and maintaining back control. So, I thought I would get back to basics and focus on the following back attacks: (a) rear naked choke, (b) short choke, (c) bow and arrow, (d) arm bar, and (e) murder choke. To give the students some additional information and details and the help them remember what we worked on, I thought I would post videos of each submission. So, here they are:

Rear Naked Choke:


Short Choke:

Bow and Arrow:

Arm Bar:

Murder Choke:



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I got a chance to try out the bow and arrow escape last night and worked a treat. Thank you!

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